Motif Widgets and Tools

The following describes several modules that are available under various free and commercial licenses from Computer Generation directly.

Commercial X Window Widgets

The Computer Generation has developed a featureful and robust internal development environment to support our high availability systems. Now, we are making part of our internal libraries available to other software developers. We recognize the importance of having source code to third party products, therefore, our development products are distributed with source code. In addition, we do not add restrictive per-development-seat licenses. Contact Gary Aviv for purchase and licensing terms.

Computer Generation has standardized on the X Window System Release 5 and OSF/Motif version 1.2 for developing User Interfaces for the UNIX environment.

HView HTML Widget

The HView widget displays HTML 2.0 standard text and images. The widget was developed to provide an on-line help facility with our applications. It offers a light weight, portable, and robust browser for HTML documents without having to distribute a separate Web Browser with your applications.

Technical Documentation on the HView widget is available as well as a binary demo via anonymous FTP for the following platforms:

The HView widget also displays HTML 3.0 style tables.

If you would like to see a demo for another platform, please contact Gary Aviv.

N-ary Tree Widget

The N-ary Tree widget was developed to display hierarchical database entries in an internal application. It offers the capability to select nodes on the tree, and attachment points for nodes on the tree. Each attachment point can support multiple child nodes.

Technical Documentation on the Nary Tree widget is available online.

If you would like a binary demo for another platform, please send e-mail to Eric Ayers and specify the platform.

Contributed X Window System Widgets

CGI is pleased to make available the following free widgets. If you wish to be on an Emailing list regarding any CGI widgets, please send a request to You will be notified when widgets are upgraded or when new widgets become available.

LiteClue Widget (Version 1.2.16, Sept. 1998)

LiteClue is a widget which pops a one line help message when the user passes the pointer over another "watched" widget. This is known by various names in the industry such as hints, clues, tips, bubble help and balloon help.

Clues are particularly helpful for push buttons that contain graphic pixmaps rather than text. They obviate the need to place text within graphics in the button which creates internationalization problems. A clue may be attached to virtually any widget that has a window (no gadgets). LiteClue does not require Motif . None of this affects the behavior of the watched widget itself. LiteClue monitors enter and leave events of the watched widget's window passively.

Technical Documentation on the LiteClue widget is available online.

Source code is at

TabBook Widget (Version 1.0, March 1997)

TabBook is a Motif manager widget which is similar to Motif's own XmNotebook widget in appearance. It is significantly less complex and easier to use, though it has fewer features. It is intended for installations that lack Motif 2.x or just want basic notebook like functionality.

Technical Documentation on the TabBook widget is available online.

Source code is at

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